From the initial design concepts, award-winning architects, Make, ensured that The Cube provided a sustainable development in the heart of the city.

With a certified ‘Excellent’ BREEAM environmental performance rating, the building is internationally recognised for its energy conservation features.

  • Insulated air-tight panels cover more of the building’s facades than is usual for a building of this type and size, and far exceeds the industry standard.
  • Solid-to-glass ratios vary according to the positioning of each facade, minimising solar gain on the southern elevations.
  • The building design substantially reduced the amount of glass required to 34% overall on the facades, with full-height window glazing in specific segments – a pioneering approach to office design in Birmingham.
  • Incorporating post-tensioned floor slabs meant that 20% less concrete was required than in a traditionally reinforced concrete building.
  • Separate networks were designed to serve the varying energy levels required for each mixed-use area – reducing the overall energy consumption compared with standard systems.
  • Building B provides most of the mechanical and electrical plant servicing for The Cube – providing power, water, heating and cooling, delivered both efficiently and without waste via basement-level ducts.
  • Creating a separate ancillary building (Building B) alongside enabled the architects to maximise the inhabitable space in The Cube while minimising the impact of services on the exterior facade.
  • The basement design is large enough to accommodate a drilling rig to add borehole water to the heating/cooling system.

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